Class Descriptions


Our regular hatha yoga classes are available through class cards and drop-in. Join our classes any time!

Gwylan 3 2016Practice yoga postures, right breathing and meditation techniques in an inspiring and friendly environment! Learn how to cultivate calmness and awareness within and to navigate your life through the spirit of yoga.

If you are a new beginner we encourage you to start with Intro to Yoga before continuing into our all levels classes. Hatha Yoga Intensive goes deeper into the posture practice and includes more advanced postures and inversions.


We have several courses that are available through advance registration. Please contact us in advance if you are interested in these courses!


MonYogaVirtuel LogoSubcribe to yoga classes online – set up a yoga practice in the comfort of your home! Promo Code M714V923Y gives a FREE trial week and a rebate on your subscription. Indicate: Sun&Moon Yoga. CLICK HERE to go to My Virtual Yoga.

Two classes are offered by Sun&Moon owner and teacher Marianne Thorborg: Awakening Yoga (1 hr) to inspire and energize your day (Intermediate level) and Heart- & Hip-Opening Chair Yoga (1 hr).


Jenny teaching Celina June 2013Private Yoga classes are ideal for individuals with health conditions or for those who prefer to be one-on-one. For a semi-private class you can invite friends and family to join! The classes are customized to an individual or a group. Registration is on-going and can be made any time.

Please contact us for schedule and fees!