Sun&Moon Teachers

Marianne Thorborg

Pigeon website 2013Marianne has a life-long passion for dance and yoga and the intrinsic beauty expressed through movement. Her yoga classes play on the polarities of stillness/consciousness and movement/expression and how to find the delicate, luminous balance between the two.

After her graduation from the Gothenburg Ballet Academy in Sweden and her studies at UC Berkeley in the US she worked as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher in Canada and in Europe. After her second child, Marianne decided to pursue her passion for yoga and to become a hatha yoga teacher. She completed her yoga teacher certification with Karen Claffey, Heaven on Earth Studio, in June 2007 after having taught yoga and fitness for a few years.

As a response to a growing need for a specific yoga space for her students, Marianne opened Sun&Moon Yoga in Dorval in September 2007. It is with deep gratitude that she watches the students and the space unfold with such clarity and beauty! Marianne became an ambassador for lululemon athletica in May 2010. She has studied with Barrie Risman for many years and is currently enrolled in YTT300-hr with Robin Golt.

‘Yoga is for me a way to walk in the sky and to live life with earthly presence at the same time. Life is meant to be lived in a whole-hearted way – exploration and experiencing are important parts of living and fears are meant to be challenged of their powers. I am so grateful for this life and all the gifts that are given to me. Yoga is the greatest gift of all.’
Celina Brady

CelinaCelina started her yogic journey in 2002. Her love for yoga has grown alongside the practice of different styles with many wonderful teachers. In 2008 she completed her Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Shabad Saroop Singh.

Celina believes that the practice of yoga is the practice of awareness, and by turning our awareness within; to the body, the breath, and the present moment, we uncover our inner core of stillness and joy. Celina is committed to the study and practice of yoga, always seeking to learn and grow, finding inspiration in every encounter.

Marie Josée Drouin

DSCF3618Inspirational, joyful and energizing are but three of the many words one could use to describe the experience of practicing yoga. Marie Josée’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her passion connects people to their own joyful potential. Her teaching gently leads you to connect with yourself and with that wonderful vessel which is your body. Pregnant with her second child in 2007, Marie Josée discovered the wonders of yoga and the gracious teachings of Marianne Thorborg of Sun&Moon Yoga.

Having experienced the physical and emotional benefits of yoga first hand she wanted to deepen her practice and enrolled in Sun&Moon Yoga’s very first Teacher Training Program, and successfully graduated in June 2012. Marie Josée believes passionately that yoga can be enjoyed by everyone. And that practiced regularly it can be an indispensable guide to getting the most out of your daily life.

Franca Redivo

Franca Headshot 2014 2Franca has been practicing yoga since 2009. What began as a physical activity to regain lost flexibility evolved into a full exploration of the broad and deep world that is Yoga. Yoga has since become the firm foundation from which she navigates life.

Franca’s asana practice is rooted in flow and alignment principles in order to build true body awareness and acceptance. She believes strongly that the better we communicate with our bodies, the better we can hear our own hearts. When we listen to our hearts, we can find joy.

Franca received her Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Sun&Moon Yoga School in June 2014. She is very grateful to her teachers, especially Marianne Thorborg.

Joanna Mathioudakis

Joanna Headshot 2015Joanna was first introduced to yoga at the age of 13 (Sivananda) and began her yoga practice (Ashtanga) along with a martial arts practice, starting at the age of 17. Life and a series of chronic injuries led her back to yoga in a very important way, and ever since then her passion remains to share the joy and benefits to a consistent and relevant yoga practice in one’s daily life. Joanna Mathioudakis is a 200hr YTT Certified Yoga Teacher, drawing her inspiration from the Iyengar, Anusara and of course, Ashtanga yoga traditions.

Louise Kralka

Louise came to yoga looking for a way to exercise. What she discovered, was a way to live! This discovery prompted her to complete her YTT 200hr training to become a yoga teacher. Louise is passionate about teaching and loves to share her knowledge to help others find their own path towards deepening their yoga practice. She brings to her mat an eclectic skill set stemming from her previous experience in the performing arts, both as a dancer and dance teacher, as well as from the corporate environment in sales management and as a public speaker.

The study of yoga is a never ending journey made richer by sharing it with students of all ages, physical abilities and walks of life. Louise takes a fun and creative approach to teaching yoga in order to encourage students to work towards their potential within a safe and nurturing environment. Come and join her to enhance your own yoga practice!

Hui-Min Lee

Hui-Min Headshot 2016Hui-Min started to practice Hatha yoga in Taiwan in 2010 with the recommendation from a Chinese medicine doctor to ease fatigue from busy days. Gradually, she has noticed that her yoga practice does not only reboot her physical body, but also fills her up with vital energy. In 2014, a car accident hurt her lumbar spine and left shoulder and this brought her back to yoga in Canada. Practicing yoga as a therapy, her first yoga posture in six months with injury was Savasana to comfort the fragile and injured body and mind.

Always pursuing correct alignment for a safe practice, she went far and beyond her regular practice and completed the Yoga Teacher Training Program at Sun&Moon Yoga in 2016. Since then, she has been a teacher at Sun&Moon Yoga. Yoga has changed her life and she wants to share her rehabilitation experiences and her secret discoveries in the realm of yoga with students!!!