The Benefits of Yoga

Why practice yoga?

Yoga works on all levels to assist you toward optimal health. Your asana (posture) practice works your body to make it stronger, more flexible and more resilient. With more flexibility you can enjoy greater freedom of movement, a sense of inner spaciousness and be the cool grandmother/father rolling around on the floor playing with your grandchildren!

On a mental level, we learn how to slow down and to relax our nervous system. Many people suffer from stress and anxiety. Yoga gives you the tools to manage and eventually overcome these symptoms.

Spiritually, yoga offers us a chance to reconnect with our inner Self and with its underlying source. Regardless of how you conceptualize this source or what name you choose to give it, to the core essence the experience is the same – of deep connection, purpose, meaningfulness and peace married with a quiet and supportive strength giving us freedom from inhibiting fears and sense of isolation.

What do I wear for yoga class? Do I need to bring anything?

Wear comfortable and stretchy clothing, not too loose and not too tight. No shoes are allowed in the studio. Bring some water and if you have, a yoga mat. If you do not have a yoga mat yet you can borrow from us till you get your own.

Can I still sign up even if the session has already started?

Yes, you can sign up any time! Contact us before showing up to your first class so that we know that you will be coming.In this way, we can discuss which class is suitable for you and give you an up-date on the schedule.

What makes yoga special in a yoga studio?

A yoga studio is a designated space for yoga and for related wellness services. We believe that the commitment of regular practice and meditation invested in the space creates a potent and positively charged environment. Yoga becomes a deeply transformative experience leading to personal growth. The yoga teachers are highly knowledgeable and committed to offering fun, explorative, physically and spiritually wholesome classes bringing out the best of each student entering our studio.

I would like to sign up for classes but my work schedule is very irregular! How can we work around it?

With your membership at Sun&Moon Yoga you can take any classes on the schedule. For maximum flexibility, you can buy a 10- or 20-class card valid for 3 months or drop-in and pay per class.

How many times a week should I practice to keep in a good overall shape?

We offer class cards and unlimited membership options to make it more affordable to you. However, we acknowledge the fact that it is sometimes hard to squeeze in classes into our busy lives! If this is the case, we suggest that you set up a home practice to complement the studio practice. This home practice can be anything from a 10-min morning meditation to a full yoga posture practice in your living room.  We also offer Private and Semi-Private yoga classes to suit your personal schedule. We encourage a regular and steady practice to promote optimal health. Even the shortest practice in the morning is a great start of your day.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Sun&Moon Yoga!