Sun&Moon Yoga

We warmly welcome you to join our joyful yoga practices in our beautiful and friendly space! Our knowledgeable teachers are dedicated to your well-being and to serve you on your yogic journey. Namaste!

Kundalini Workshops on May 14 & 28 and June 11

Join the passionate and experienced yoga teacher Celina Brady for Kundalini Yoga Saturday Workshops. Each workshop is multi-sensorial incorporating theory, intuitive movement, a kriya, chants, chakra essential oils and more. The topic for May 14 is 'Circulation', May 28 is 'Expression' and June 11 is 'Perception'. Fee for all 3 workshops is $125 / One workshop is $50. Welcome all!

Mother and Daughter Yoga on May 29

A night of connecting, laughing and pure joy! Leaning and supporting, bonding through trust. With Ondine Guralnick and Tasha Goodz. Sunday May 29 at 7-8:30pm. Early registration is $35 per couple by May 13! Registration deadline is May 26. Register early as we have limited spaces.

Spring Cleanse Through Reflexology May 13

This workshop will focus on how you can stimulate a spring cleanse through your feet! Learn a specific routine to help cleanse the toxins accumulated throughout the winter months. Participants will also get a brief discourse on reflexology as an introduction to the art and science of Reflexology, which is useful for those interested in pursuing Reflexology futher. Friday May 13 at 6-9pm with Jennifer-Anne Cardone. Fee: $30. Register with Jennifer-Anne!

Yoga & Depression on Saturdays May 14 and 28

Reconnecting mind, body and spirit. Whether it is for you or a loved one, come and join us in discovering mind/body practices to help alleviate the effects of depression. Health and well-being begins with you. Saturdays May 14 and 28 - different content for each workshop. With Joanna Mathioudakis, RYT.